No Escaping Increasingly Irradiated Cities?

Cities will soon become radiation zones as infrastructure is put in place to boost 4G technology and prepare for 5G.

Nearly all urban households and business premises are already awash with radiation from wi-fi, mobile phones and other so-called smart devices. Add a few cell towers situated strategically outside and there are few escape options left.

Cities are set to become zones of radiation fog. Read the story at Digital Survivor UK.

And now infrastructure is being put in place in order to accommodate 5G technology that promises faster and allegedly more reliable connectivity for mobile phones and other connected devices.

This expanding infrastructure includes antennae appearing on lampposts, above public phone boxes, and just about anywhere it can be attached.

The reasons given are increased connectivity for 4G networks and preparation for 5G (which requires more transmitters due to its more limited reach).

Vodaphone goes underground

One illustrative example is Vodaphone. The communications giant is now fitting transmitters under manhole covers in our streets.

A post (published 10 December) on Vodaphone’s website explains: “Building on its heritage of innovation, Vodafone is using inventive ways to expand and strengthen its network. This includes housing mobile equipment within street furniture such as manhole covers, lamp-posts and phone boxes to increase the speed and extend the coverage of a mobile signal along busy roads, town squares and in shopping and entertainment areas.”

But it’s not only cities that will be targeted. Vodaphone’s news release continues: “It is also useful for extending 4G in areas of outstanding beauty and remote places where a mobile mast is difficult to install as they rely on a power supply and fibre optic cable connections.”

(Read the full Vodaphone news release here.)

Whatever happened to requirements that cell towers and similar transmitters be placed at safe distances from residential areas?

5G is already in use as weaponised technology

It’s also worth knowing that 5G technology is currently used by police and armed forces as a weapon of active denial – e.g., dispersing crowds by making them feel their skin is burning – and for covert surveillance (including through so-called energy smart meters fitted to homes and businesses).

This will facilitate a world even more dystopian than that portrayed in George Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984.

Vodaphone’s rival EE will turn on 5G in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester by the middle of next year. Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol will be added to that list

It’s not just Vodaphone and EE carrying out this work. Networks O2 and Three are also running trials.

And, of course, Britain is by no means the only country where this is happening. Cities and regions across the entire civilised world are undergoing similar, parallel development.

Note that full rollout of 5G is anticipated by 2025. That’s only six years from now!

Legal remedies

This is all being done with our tacit consent under contract law. As such, it can be challenged without need for courts and lawyers.

There is a campaign that’s claiming success in stopping harmful smart meters being rolled out in various cities, most notably in Canada. They call themselves the “In Power Movement”.

Their website contains educational videos and proven tools for resisting the irradiation of our world by corporate interests; well worth researching if you’re concerned for your health and that of future generations.

Nearer to home, for those of us in the UK, is Smombie Gate. They also produce great tools and have a useful website that includes a template for Freedom of Information Act requests (downloadable copy also available here on Digital Survivor) about 5G.

Do you care enough to find out more and get involved? Or are you happy for digital profit to trump public health?