Holding Glasgow Accountable on EMF Radiation and 5G

A couple of developments start this coming week with regard to the topics of wi-fi radiation in public places and the rollout of 5G infrastructure.

Wi-fi hot spots in Glasgow.

Metering wif-fi hot-spots

The first piece of news is that this blog will regularly feature reports on wi-fi hot-spots in Glasgow and, occasionally, other Scottish cities.

The idea is to take ambient readings in museums, libraries, coffee shops and other public spaces and report the findings. Issues of concern will be raised and publicised across social media so that remedial action may be taken.

Of course, the readings (using the excellent Trifield EMF meter,) will take into account radiation emanating from the public’s numerous devices as well as each venue’s wi-fi setup.

As such, the results published here will form an average snapshot rather than a thorough radiation audit (because venue management are unlikely to cooperate with such requests – but who knows!).

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And remember, this is something that you could do in your own town or city! We need to raise awareness in every way we can.

5G action

The second item of news is that I’m researching ways of making Glasgow City Council liable for any health problems arising from the arrival of 5G.

Glasgow is just one of a number of UK cities set to be used as test sites before 5G is rolled out nationally (and, indeed, internationally).

This will likely mean putting together an affidavit to send to named individuals, making each of them personally liable.

It’s a tactic that uses contract law and it has proven successful elsewhere.

The video below will give you some idea:

Again, news of developments will be posted here on Digital Survivor UK.