Amazon’s Robots, Human and Automated

In the current phase of our ongoing Digital Revolution, Amazon is reportedly employing automated robots whilst at the same time treating human workers as slaves.

From two news articles, one published today and the other from the start of last month:

Staff at Amazon’s Swansea warehouse ‘treated like robots’ (BBC News, 20 Dec 2018)

A former worker at Amazon’s Swansea warehouse has claimed staff are treated “like robots” and routinely sacked for not meeting “unrealistic targets”.

It comes as a union demanded talks with the online giant over safety and working conditions there.

Full article here.

Amazon is hiring fewer workers this holiday season, a sign that robots are replacing them (, 02 Nov 2018)

“We’ve seen an acceleration in the use of robots within their fulfillment centers, and that has corresponded with fewer and fewer workers that they’re hiring around the holidays,”

Full  article here.

The word robot derives from the Czech word robotnik – which literally means slave. Welcome to the new paradigm.