UN Agency Denies Admission on Untested 5G Safety

A United Nations agency named in a pubic Twitter exchange last week as admitting 5G technology remains untested for public health and safety has now denied making any such statement.

Digital news outfit Comunicare Digitale told me (known as @digivivor on Twitter at the time) last week from the European 5G Conference in Brussels that a representative from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) had told them  [it is] impossible to say something because the 5G network is not up and running” when asked about 5G’s effects on public health and safety.

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I chased Comunicare Digitale for the name of the ITU rep but they fell silent (and continue to remain so).

Emphatic ITU denial

I found that Sergio Buonomo was the only ITU person listed at the Brussells 5G Conference and so emailed him this morning to ask for a statement.

Sergio’s email response was quick and contained emphatic denials:

The information you are referring to is not accurate.

At the end of my presentation in Session 1 there has been no question raised by the audience. In a later stage, during the panel session to which I did not take part, somebody indeed raised that question and that was promptly answered by somebody from the podium (maybe the GSMA representative Mr Hudson?).

It is therefore incorrect to address this statement to ITU.

Best regards,


When asked in a subsequent email, Sergio refused to make further comment as to why Comunicare Digitale would have named the ITU as the source of the astonishing admission that 5G is untested for health and safety.

GSMA silence

Given “GSMA representative Mr Hudson” was identified as a possible source in the ITU denial, it was easy to find Andy Hudson named a Brussels 5G Conference participant from the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA).

Andy Hudson’s bio at the GSMA states that he previously worked for UK regulator OFCOM and says of his current duties:

The GSMA represents the interests of nearly 800 of the world’s mobile operators as well as more than 200 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem. Andy has global responsibility for spectrum and regulatory modernisation, as well as the regulatory and policy aspects of the future networks, IoT and identity programmes.

Digital Survivor contacted GSMA for a statement but no reply has been received as of yet.

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In conclusion

  • Comunicare Digitale has gone silent after causing a sensation with its public tweets about lack of 5G health and safety testing;
  • The ITU fully denies making any such admission;
  • The GSMA is not responding so far to Digital Survivor requests for clarification and a statement.

Should GSMA issue a response there will be an update to this post, or a new article entirely if appropriate, on Digital Survivor.

Until then, probably best not to hold your breath as this may prove a denial tactic in the form of a wild-goose chase.

Is last week’s careless gaffe in Brussels now being combed over?