5G Health Concerns – Conspiracy Follows Shock Evidence?

A final summary of Digital Survivor’s investigation into who made an apparently careless admission last week at the European 5G Conference that the technology is untested for public safety but rolling out anyway.

5G is not tested and is being rolled out nonetheless – so that we are all guinea pigs in a worldwide radiation experiment!

We now have evidence that 5G remains untested. We also have what could conceivably be construed as an effort to defuse that shocking news being confirmed in public.

This is basically the sequence of events:

  1. A digital news outfit reported onto Digital Survivor’s modest Twitter feed [now defunct] that a UN-backed agency had clearly admitted 5G isn’t tested for public safety;
  2. That UN-backed agency representative, when queried by Digital Survivor, denied making any such statement and deflected to someone in another major telecommunications agency;
  3. That person at the final agency told Digital Survivor this morning he “did not recall” making the statement – without any trace of a denial.

This is the evidence pictured below. Judge for yourself.

Right-click the image, download and share at will! 😎

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