Every Bad Thing Comes Under the Guise of Convenience

Came this morning across a Youtube clip from September last year that features a telecom engineer giving insight into 5G.

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson speaks with telecom engineer John Sneison. The interview covers many points and isn’t at all hard to follow:

  • The push to make 5G a massive industry;
  • Differences between existing technology (3G, 4G, etc) and 5G;
  • The benefits of fibre optics over wifi technology – much faster and safer than 5G;
  • Damage from living close to RF radiation transmitting devices;
  • Telecom industry’s disregard for public health warnings;
  • 5G in context of the Internet of Things;
  • 5G probably can’t be used for brainwashing … but the electricity grid could!

If you haven’t already seen this, I hope you find it as informative as I did:

(Thanks to World Alternative Media for posting this clip to Youtube)