Mainstream Media Highlights Dangers of 5G?

The UK’s Daily Star news site carried an article today about superfast broad band being linked to cancer:

In the article, American author and activist on electromagnetic radiation and health Arthur Robert Firstenberg speaks mainly about the 20,000 satellites to be launched in order to facilitate 5G and help further the Internet of Things.

Perhaps such a mainstream site is happy to carry this story because it may be fake news.

Apart from the fantastical concept of 20,000 more satellites going into orbit for 5G coverage – so why all the towers and small cells being erected right now? – the practicalities of controlling so much debris circling a global Earth are impossible, probably even with AI that actually works.

(Of course, if you’re a flat-earther, you won’t be worried as satellites are impossible.)

Perhaps the Star story is one of truth being enveloped in fiction: Firstenberg is clear about the links between RF radiation and cancer; but who actually has a clue how and if satellites can deliver 5G from such a distance?

Is this a strawman being added so as to deflect attention from real concerns later?

Just a thought.

So here’s the article in the Daily Star, in which Firstenberg makes many good points about public health and promotes fear over the promised satellites:

Matt Drake 4 Feb 2019

“Now they have to build more and more towers and they want to make it so that 5G is accessible anywhere on Earth.

“This is something that very few people are paying attention to, although papers have been written and there was more concern in the past than there is today – the difference being is that people are so addicted to their phones.

“People don’t want to see their phones as harmful anymore, but when they started people gave warnings.”