Media Picking Up on 5G Concerns

Mainstream media outlets are taking notice of increasing public concerns over the development and rollout of 5G technology.

In May of last year, the Mail Online carried a story entitled “The roll out of 5G wireless service is ‘a massive health experiment,’ public health expert warns as cell companies install 800,000 towers across the US” – A story mirroring this more recent post here on this blog.

It’s possible to do an online search and find other examples of “mainstream media” picking up on 5G. Finding such content will become easier as 5G rolls on and ordinary folks wake up to the tech’s dangers.

This development stems from the fact that some among us have been effective in warning online and in public about the technology’s implications for public health (and indeed surveillance – though that’s an issue largely neglected even in the #Stop5G community).

So it was refreshing to see RT America pick up 5G and present the issues in a straightforward and easily digestible way.  The two clips below were broadcast last week (on 7 Feb) and last month (on 14 Jan 2019).

7 Feb 2019 clip: (0:10) “Scientists and medical professionals are petitioning against a 5G network rollout, claiming the health and environmental issues”



14 Jan 2019 clip: (3:55) “no safety testing”; (6:00) “insurance companies won’t touch 5G”


Naturally, the more that a largely unwitting public is exposed to 5G concerns the better. After all, not everyone seeks out activist or alternative tech news sites like Digital Survivor.

Finding #Stop5G campaigns and alternative media

And if you’re looking to see what  #Stop5G campaigns and websites exist online, a hash-tag search for #Stop5G on Twitter brings up lots of related content from which there are many great examples to be found!

There also seems to be a fair bit going on about 5G over at Facebook. Despite having no presence there, this site has enjoyed loads of site hits from Facebook pages and posts.

Never tire of spreading the word. Get online and get outside to #Stop5G! 😎