Great Video Analysis of 5G Dangers

I came across a recommended video covering 5G and including an analysis of the dangers the wireless technology poses to society.

The 12-minute clip is from the excellent Truthstream Media alternative news site. It was posted on Youtube in August 2017 and, in the passing months since, remains insightful and highly accurate.

Narrator Aaron Dykes discusses how the US Federal Communications Commission fast-tracked the high-powered radiating technology without conducting any safety tests on public health.

Dykes also describes the dystopian society that would come from an Internet of Things – absolutely everyone and everything connected wirelessly – driven by 5G and how the weaponised side of the technology may have been pioneered back in the old Soviet Union.

This video is so well put together I thought you might like to know about it here. 😎

And a perfect companion video, uploaded last week by AMTV: