UK Switches On First 5G Factory Trial – #Stop5g Comments …

An associate of Digital Survivor who is active with a major #Stop5G campaign sent over a link to a Forbes article reporting Britain’s first 5G factory trial. They added their appraisal in the email.

As established media continues to trumpet the benefits of killer 5G technology, another line of narrative goes on – that of the #Stop5G movement!

First the article:

Anna Tobin
13 Feb 2019

This is the first time that 5G technology has been used in a factory setting in the U.K., moving U.K industry closer towards Industry 4.0 or the fourth generation of the industrial revolution: the introduction of smart technology. The first industrial revolution involved the use of water in manufacturing; the second was the introduction of electricity; and, the third was computerization.

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Now the comments:

Fourth Industrial Revolution, eh? The one that kills and poisons everyone, guaranteeing that there will be no fifth industrial revolution. What food will be fit to eat after being 5G-ed?  5G will de-structure water and denature food.  This will be far worse than Frankenfoods.  People should look into Gerald Pollack’s Fourth Phase of Water:

But I suppose when the factory workers start dying in large numbers they might start working out that the 5G factory food will kill people consuming factory food products, too.  Unless of course the 5G installation involves robotising the factory as well.  In which case no one would be able to directly attribute their ills to the 5G-ed factory food.

What worries me is the supermarkets.  If supermarket chains start putting 5G in their warehouses and/or shops, the food and drinks will not be fit for human – or animal – consumption.  But how would anyone buying and eating it know until it was too late?   5G: the last word in automation.  Or is it just the last word, period?

I think my friend has a point. 😎