“The dam of silence on 5G is breaking at last” Writes UN Whistleblower Claire Edwards

Ex-United Nations employee Claire Edwards kindly wrote this guest post about how news of 5G’s dangers is further reaching the public mind:

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“Breaking the dam of silence … unstoppable”

The last week has seen two very significant actions against 5G in America.

One was a major move by the US’s oldest environmental organisation, the Sierra Club, against new laissez-faire 5G regulations that would endanger the environment.

The second was a strong condemnation of 5G by a big children’s health protection organisation led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Both moves signify the breaking of the dam of silence shored up by the mainstream media that has been preventing the majority of the public from hearing the horrendous news about 5G.

We can now expect the truth about 5G’s threat to this planet to start to flow and to become unstoppable.

Sierra Club takes on 5G cause

The Sierra Club, California, recommended to the Sierra Club’s National Conservation Policy Committee that they should oppose the US Federal Communication Commission’s [FCC] promulgation of a rule that waives environmental review and limits local control of the deployment of 5G wireless technology and small cell box installations.

Children’s Health Defense and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Children’s Health Defense, fronted by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., came out on Facebook on 9 February with a statement against 5G: “The EPA, FCC, and WHO should act, invest in research, educate the public, and update their archaic information on technology that will impact all plants, people, insects, and animals. A moratorium on the installation of 5G networks must be a top priority.”

Children’s Health Defense followed up on 13 February with an article comprehensively describing the dangers of 5G (https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/the-dangers-of-5g-to-childrens-health/).

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Claire gets a mention in Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense article

The article says:

“The time is ripe for greater grassroots awareness of the undisclosed trade-offs between convenience and 5G’s potentially catastrophic health effects.

Far from a simple ‘next-gen’ upgrade, powerful 5G (fifth-generation) networks and technology are about to subject everyone, on a continuous basis, to unprecedented forms and amounts of what retired U.S. government physicist Dr. Ronald Powell calls ‘mandatory irradiation’—without ‘prior study of the potential health impact’ or any assurance of safety.

Considering that young people (with their smaller body mass and developing brains) are particularly vulnerable to radiation, the Environmental Health Trust has termed 5G ‘the next great unknown experiment on our children’—and the entire human population.”

No cause for complacency

Finally, we are seeing movement in what could be considered “the mainstream”. This is cause for celebration but not for complacency.

Elon Musk is set to launch 12,000 5G satellites in June this year. We have about 14 weeks to stop him.

People have to wake up and realise that they must shift their focus right now from whatever preoccupies them to the effort to stop 5G on Earth and in space.

5G is the biggest biological experiment in human history and must be stopped before this catastrophe is allowed to happen.

People must pay attention and must act now, today and every day until 5G is stopped. There is no time to lose to save our environment and our children.

Claire Edwards, 13 Feb 2019

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(Editor’s Note: Many thanks, Claire! 😎 )