Mobile Security and 5G Risk

Existing smartphones and connected devices bring security vulnerabilities with them – and 5G will further compound problems.

Visitors to this site likely know that wireless tech already throws up myriad security issues. You also know these will increase as a 5G Internet of Things (IoT) threatens to connect absolutely everything together wirelessly.

A recent post here mentioned how 5G IoT will not only endanger individuals but also present litigation problems for companies and other organisations using the tech. Inadequate measures to safeguard public safety and protect consumer data will be common themes.

… consumers will become more vulnerable, more than at any time in mankind’s history, to covert surveillance in their private lives. And other abuses would surely follow as a result. READ MORE …

We invite technology into our lives, where it then enters our bodies and invades our minds. The telecom industry is putting in a huge effort to heighten our apparent addiction with promises that 5G is coming to satisfy us all.

Five billion mobile subscribers

A 2017 post by Pew Research was on the mark when it said: “While smartphones are becoming more integrated into our lives, many users aren’t taking the necessary steps to secure their devices.”

It’s unquestionably the case, for example, that most people leave new gadgets’ admin passwords on factory settings. Issues of trust and personal safety don’t even occur to the vast majority.

Pew went on to say that “smartphone ownership is climbing in developing nations” and produced this clear infographic showing the percentages involved right across the map.

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Remarkably, 5 billion of the world’s estimated 7.5 billion population were mobile subscribers by 2017. That’s two out of every three people alive!

Mobiles and 5G

RT America last week reported on how new 5G security vulnerabilities will affect smartphone junkies. Show host Rick Sanchez and tech reporter Michelle Greenstein discussed a “coming privacy nightmare”.

  • Greenstein (at 1:12): “vulnerabilities in 5G protocol allowing third parties to steal information from the 5G airwaves”
  • Sanchez (4.17): “Price of the new technology is that we will increase our vulnerability to both security and privacy”.

But it’s already a mess

This TEDx Talks contribution from Bram Bonné away back in 2014 lays out the mess as it stands over mobile security. Watch and listen, then think how this will multiply exponentially with 5G and the Internet of Things: