5G Phone Safety Shocker Exposed!

Fellow #Stop5G activism site smombiegate.org has uncovered a jagged edge the PR syrup currently being spread by traditional media on behalf of the 5G tech experiment.

Smombie Gate reported today that new generations of 5G mobile phones will feature millimetre-wave antennae that will send and receive extremely high-powered wireless signals – but special, automated protection measures.

That’s not a feature the manufacturers will want to crow about, for obvious reasons.

If integrated proximity sensors, as mentioned by Smombie Gate’s article (linked below), ever malfunction and fail to protect users from powerful beams of focussed radiation, then that’s certainly going to be very big news.

18 Feb 2019

We’ve found Motorola’s 5G phone’s manual and it has some facts in there that we’ve been challenging the establishment over for a long time.

The 5G phone has integrated proximity sensors that shut off any of its four millimetre wave 5G antennas if your fingers get too close.


And there’s even more …

Indeed, all sorts of 5G devices will be designed to act as network relay stations. Each will be tasked with boosting area signal strength for itself and others close-by in a network, especially in rural locations.

This demands very powerful phone batteries – non-removable ones at that – and manufacturers are still failing to make mobile 5G devices function lasting even the most remotely acceptable periods between recharging (according to a Youtube video published last week by Fullerton Informer Joe Imbriano).

All of this info is important and can only help counter 5G’s relentless PR machine. It’s a strong hand for #Stop5G campaigners to play repeatedly until people are fully alerted to the dangers.