Trouble Down Below? Then Help to Sort It Out!

Notable #Stop5G campaigners comment on the issue of dangerous 5G electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation polluting our streets.

I received multiple feedback to yesterday’s post that reported high levels of radio-frequency radiation measured on two of Glasgow’s busiest streets.

Digital Survivor reveals the truth behind the 5G nightmare about to hit our streets and homes.

Here are two particularly interesting responses:

Postcard from abroad

A medical doctor based in a Mediterranean country got in touch to say how badly placed cell towers and wireless home devices are causing problems across the region where he’s based.

The meter readings he gave go away and beyond those encountered yesterday in Glasgow!

He kindly offered to send in photographic evidence so that others can read about his city’s experience here on this site. So watch this space!

“Modern-day Mengele”

The Stop 5G Space Appeal told me how they find the concept of concealed 5G wi-fi particularly troubling:

Exposing anyone on the street – but particularly the vulnerable, such as babies in pushchairs or people with pacemakers or metal replacement parts in their bodies – to dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation from antennas hidden under manhole covers or in plastic cabinets deliberately designed to allow the uninhibited passage of dangerous 5G radiation without their consent or knowledge is nothing else but unconscionable.

In Switzerland, for example, an NGO measured these manhole antennas and found that they are way over their permitted exposure limits – and no one would have known! They also found that you would have to squat down and squint at the cover to read the information that it concealed an antenna.

It all constitutes an experiment conducted without information or consent and therefore illegal under the Nuremberg Code of 1947.

When are our politicians – the modern-day Mengeles – who are permitting this going to be held to account for the lives they stand to devastate?

People really need to get out on the street and run a campaign on this.

Want to know about the nightmare of 5G? Visit Digital Survivor to find out the truth about this killer tech!

No escaping?

Digital Survivor published a post last December, No Escaping Increasingly Irradiated Cities, which summarised some of the ways 5G technology will be installed in public spaces and included this quote from Vodaphone:

“Building on its heritage of innovation, Vodafone is using inventive ways to expand and strengthen its network. This includes housing mobile equipment within street furniture such as manhole covers, lamp-posts and phone boxes to increase the speed and extend the coverage of a mobile signal along busy roads, town squares and in shopping and entertainment areas.”

As the Stop 5G Space Appeal said above, “People really need to get out on the street and run a campaign on this”.

So why not find like-minded people where you live or work, get your hands on an EMF meter, then (like me) hit the streets to measure readings locally?

Blog the results and link them out via social media, email, online forums, etc. Tag your city or town’s name as well and alert local newspapers, television and radio.

Read more on tech dystopia at DIGITAL SURVIVOR!

No one person is going to save us from 5G. We will lose if we don’t act ourselves, both online and out in our local communities, to stop this insane technology threatening to swamp humanity.

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