Three Reasons Space 5G is a Psy-Op Hoax

Will space satellites really be able to beam 5G from space? Or are they a fiction designed to control public perception and distract #Stop5G activists?

As 5G infrastructure starts to appear on the streets of our cities, in towns and beyond, we are led to believe that space satellites will provide additional coverage of the entire Earth from their geostationary orbits.

Digital Survivor posted an article last month about plans for 20,000 5G satellites being launched in the months to come. It included a quote from a Health Impact News article announcing:

“It has now been revealed that 20,000 satellites will be soon put into orbit around the Earth to broadcast 5G microwave radiation over every square foot of ground on our planet.”

Sounds alarming, right? No place on Earth to escape the next generation of particularly powerful electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation!!!

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So let’s consider the facts

However, assuming space satellites exist at all, the facts still don’t add up:

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So why the psy-op?

Space 5G is a distraction from the rollout that’s started down here on Earth. Why?

  • Ground-based infrastructure will be vulnerable to attack from anyone caring to have a go. Notions of 5G coverage from space exist so that we mere mortals will assume resistance is ultimately futile.
  • #Stop5G campaigners who believe the satellite hoax will waste time, energy and other resources that might be better spent elsewhere.
  • Every space initiative throughout history has been little more than an opportunity for government agencies to harvest and redirect massive amounts of taxpayers’ money.

Still worried?

Digital Survivor has friends in sister campaigns who believe firmly that 5G from space is a real threat. Hopefully this blog post will not change those relationships, not least because there are huge areas of overlap where we really do agree about the considerable danger to humanity this tech poses.

Therefore, when time and energy (usually unpaid) are at a premium for most of us, it surely makes sense to show discernment over what we decide to take on.

And if 5G space-satellites still worry you, then don’t fret! You can always sign this petition.

(Thanks to Joe Imbriano of Fullerton Informer for uploading this clip to Youtube)