Lawyers Will Love 5G

Anyone suffering electromagnetic field exposure or radio-frequency radiation symptoms might want to consult a personal injury lawyer.

People are increasingly aware that wireless technology is a health hazard. Brain tumours from mobile phones, weakened auto-immune systems caused by wi-fi routers … the list grows every day.

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And, of course, incidence of injury, disease and even death will escalate as powerful 5G technology replaces today’s telecom infrastructure.

How does it work?

Specialist personal injury (PI) lawyers are always on the lookout for “rainmaker” cases – the one’s with potentially large financial settlements or court awards to win on behalf of their aggrieved clients. They tend to work in the offices of generalist law firms located in our cities and towns.

The quality of their work will of course vary depending on expertise and experience – so it’s a good idea to look for a PI specialist rather than settle for a local generalist who may also deal with, say, divorce or family matters.

Any PI lawyer should offer a free initial consultation. They will assess the case and say whether or not they think it possible to win punitive damages, other forms of financial compensation, and recover their own costs.

The lawyer will then explain what stages a claim is likely to go through and how their work will be funded.

PI cases in Britain come with a conditional fee agreement – meaning protection from liability for fees or other legal costs to pay up-front or in the event of losing the argument.

Claimants (sometimes referred to as “plaintiffs”) must also be informed about how their case is likely to proceed before any binding agreement is signed.

Many cases will settle without any court involvement, though they can take months and sometimes years before reaching a conclusion.

An experienced PI lawyer will also be able to give an estimate of how much money a claimant might stand to win.

Involvement of a good lawyer can also mean the problem’s root cause is mitigated or even removed entirely.

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Do personal injury lawyers really take on such cases?

Lawyers in the US are already fighting and winning on behalf of clients affected by electromagnetic fields and man-made radiation.

Sometimes these are one-off cases and occasionally they can be rolled into an existing class action (where multiple parties have similar health complaints arising from particular causes of injury).

How can I prove fault in a toxic tort case?

Plaintiffs in toxic tort lawsuits can use a number of legal theories to try to establish liability and receive compensation for their injuries. Some common claims in toxic tort cases include:

  • Negligence. The plaintiff in a negligence claim must prove that 1) the defendant (perhaps a construction business owner whose employees worked with asbestos) had an obligation to use ordinary care toward the plaintiff or the general public, 2) the defendant’s action or failure to act did not meet this duty (for example, the owner failed to provide workers with safety equipment to prevent inhalation of asbestos), and 3) the victim or the general public was injured as a result.
  • Strict liability. In some toxic tort cases, certain behavior is deemed so dangerous that anyone engaging in it will be held legally responsible (strictly liable) for any damages that result. Toxic tort victims in these cases don ’t have to show that the defendant acted carelessly.
  • Intentional misrepresentation or fraud. If a defendant knew that a substance was dangerous, but deliberately concealed the danger or marketed the product in a misleading way, a toxic tort plaintiff may have a claim for intentional misrepresentation or fraud.

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The above excerpt comes from a US-based legal website that locates “personal injury attorneys”. But these fundamental principles of PI law are pretty much in place universally.

The link provided beneath the quoted text goes to a preceding web page entitled “EMF and Radiofrequency Exposure”. Click on that link to see how well the PI community already understands the issues.


No one has any particular fondness for what lawyers do, often seen as overpaid money grabbers. I should know, I trained legal advisers and lawyers in credit and debt law for over a decade.

However, getting help from a good PI solicitor can not only open up opportunities for financial compensation but may also penalise guilty phone manufacturers, cell tower operators, local planning authorities, and just about anybody else bringing unhealthy levels of electromagnetic fields and damaging radio-frequency radiation into our lives.

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