“As a Mother, What Can I Do About 5G?”

A parent contacted Digital Survivor yesterday asking how to protect her family against 5G technology about to flood the Scottish island where they live – and finds her own answer!

Digital Survivor wasn’t really meant to serve as a source of advice on individual problems associated with 5G or any other aspect of our tech dystopia.

However, this mother had searched for answers to help protect her young family from artificial electromagnetic fields and 5G – and she stumbled upon this site.

I reproduce her words fully and faithfully here, with only her location anonymised, along with my answers. (She’d already anonymised her own name.)

The exchange:

Hi there im wanting more info on all this please, well as much as I can. We currently live on Xxxxx, I suffer alot of dizziness all the time as it is from this stuff, and thats with me turning all things off in my home and of a night time wifi off. Any help, info and advice would be great on what i can get hold of for myself and child.

Im also not sure if Xxxxx is worse or except a little as its small, but my guess is that it may be even worse aswel as this whole place being electrically ran. Can you help me get as much info as possible and what i can do as a mother for my child and our home and body item (bracelet ect, hats ) that can be worn. I have been doing some studies on hertz ect and see the effects are high negatively for all. Anyway hope to hear from you soon as i would like to know more even study about this.

Many thanks and ind regards


Hi “Olive” (names don’t matter!)
There are several campaigns active worldwide to try to stop 5G. We’re all scrambling to find ways of protecting ourselves (and anyone else who cares long enough to look up from their smartphones) from this toxic health risk and surveillance matrix.
If you have BT Openreach, then the advice in the article linked above gives probably the most up-to-date information to be found anywhere currently.
Openreach has promised to wire 5G straight into people’s homes and straight to your router. If you disable wi-fi on the router and on your devices, then that’s a great start.
If you live near any 5G transmitters or 4G cell towers, then either move away (though 5G is supposed to cover everywhere eventually).
Alternatively, contact Geovital UK as there may be someone reasonably nearby who can assess your home and suggest (and probably install) protective products (such as special shielding and undercoat paints). But none of it is cheap.
One of the reasons 5G is so alarming is that there will be no way to escape it. That’s why campaigns and websites like mine are working to try getting its rollout stopped.
But at least you can start by protecting your home environment.
Generally speaking, problems caused by 5G and other EMF aren’t usually quite as bad as they are indoors (where it bounces around).
Sorry I don’t have better news or advice. We’re all in the same boat and some of us are trying desperately to steer out of this troubled sea of increasing radiation.

I hope this is useful.

Or im thinking as i live in Xxxxx and it is a small community then maybe i could have some chancing with this being stopped or more awareness of all starting with the schools, as it is a small community here and so i guess a better chance.

Although I can give suggestions, I can’t be held liable for any decisions you make. I’m a tech journalist/blogger and not an EMF practitioner.

However, you said “maybe i could have some chancing with this being stopped or more awareness of all starting with the schools, as it is a small community here and so i guess a better chance.” That is exactly the strategy I would follow if in your shoes … and indeed it’s what we all need to do more of.

There’s a subscription form on the sidebar of my site, https://digitalsurvivor.uk that would mean you get the latest articles delivered straight to your email inbox. Look into the Geovital link I gave you in my previous email … but be aware that their site inspections and remedial products really aren’t cheap, and may not be fully effective.

My advice about ditching wi-fi and instead plugging your devices in using an ethernet cable is also a good move.

Also, never accept a “smart meter” for your home energy supply as they are notorious for causing health problems, bursting into flames, being more expensive than when using an old-fashioned analogue power meter, and a host of other things.

Refuse to allow anyone to fix a 5G transmitter cell to your home or on your property.

Lastly, there’s a free e-book (PDF) called “This Irradiated Dystopia” that’s available at no cost which you can download from the sidebar of my Digital Survivor site. It contains an insightful interview with a lady from the US who was active for many years active in campaigning against this type of technology.

Hope this all helps.

Good luck, and God save us all.

Best …


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