Fake News CNN Praises 5G

US President Donald John Trump has consistently dubbed America’s CNN “fake news”. Whatever one’s thoughts on the man, the broadcaster is certainly lying about 5G.

CNN used the 2019 World Mobile Congress in Barcelona – a four-day event that ended yesterday – as its basis for a glowing article entitled “How 5G will make daily life better”.

Writers Nell Lewis and Samuel Burke highlighted how 5G will benefit humanity with driverless cars, can help the world’s honey bee population, and finished off with an appraisal of what comes after the dangerous technology has finally irradiated the entire Earth.

CNN BUSINESS, 28 Feb 2019

Nell Lewis & Samuel Burke

As 100,000 people gathered in the Spanish city this week for the Mobile World Congress, the industry’s annual conference, the next generation mobile network took center stage.

This is not just to do with its super-fast speeds, it’s because 5G will create a ripple of developments that will change daily life.

“5G is going to have a massive impact on people lives,” says Laila Worrell, CEO of Altran North America, a high-tech engineering company. “We are going to see a big advance in quality of life that 5G can deliver for individuals.”


Driverless cars

Burke reported that driverless cars will constantly emit 5G signals constantly to survey other traffic so that they can react accordingly whenever another road user changes lanes or brakes.

However, as Digital Survivor pointed out in a post last month, wireless technology is far from secure from the likes of malicious hackers. Indeed, there have even been multiple reports about driverless cars actually crashing.

Funnily enough, CNN didn’t report this aspect of future traffic management, one where a 5G-driven Internet of Things (IoT) controls vehicles’ behaviour.

Honey bees

The fake-news report then went on to say how a 5G IoT will “help protect honeybees, and in turn the world’s food supply” by using “asset trackers to essentially monitor the health of the hive”.

But in the real world, bees and other wildlife are already suffering thanks to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) and pulsed radio-frequency (RF) radiation currently blasting out from cell towers and other microwave emitters.

For example, bird migration patterns have been disrupted and bee populations are already dying thanks to existing EMF and RF pollution.

The future

The CNN piece finishes by predicting that a further generation of wireless control of the world, dubbed “6G”, will be with us by 2030.

In that coming 6G dystopia, we will apparently no longer need mobile devices, such as smartphones for wireless communication. We will instead function by being forced to interface directly with the IoT using devices such as “smart glasses”.

Smart glasses, like smart watches, are wearable items that generate their own electromagnetic fields and RF radiation – all of which are hazardous when placed too close and even next to our skins.

Trump will not save us

Digital Survivor, like half of North America’s electorate, agrees with the US President when it comes to CNN and (to be fair) much all other legacy media being purveyors of fake news.

However, the bottom line is that Trump enthusiastically supports dangerous 5G tech. He even wants to see it go on to take precedence over the future well-being of you, me and every other living creature.

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