5G Technology – Above Our Heads and Under Our Noses

Rollout of 5G is scheduled for 2020 and the technology is being put in place now. L. O’Connor reports for this blog on what some of this technology will look like.

Smart cities and 5G go hand in hand. In Scotland the planned Smart Cities are Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling.

However 5G is not limited to the cities and immediate areas – the rollout is planned for every town and village within their council.

Detailed information regarding Smart City infrastructure and technology from LED lighting (light emitting diode) and Smart Bins can be found on this link.

However, there is very little information on the 5G technology itself. For example, what will it look like?

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How many streets are being dug up in Glasgow for fibre cables that will service 5G? BT Openreach is carrying out the work, as Digital Survivor found out when monitoring radiation 43 miles east on the streets of Edinburgh last month.

There are also unassuming grey box attached to lampposts in Glasgow city centre – heralding the start of many 5G small cell devices about to appear nationally. Each unit will emit dangerously high amounts of electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation that pose a hazard to public health.

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On a recent break in the picturesque village of St Fillans in Perthshire I was dismayed at the ugly LED street lights but upon closer inspection I spotted little antenna’s on top of the lights.

I immediately thought of the antennas on the LED lights in Gateshead that chief technology officer and inventor Mark Steele has been highlighting as 5G for some time.

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On one particular light, there was a white box that’s called a Collector. Stood next to it, I got great mobile phone reception.

But I also began to feel unwell. As a person with ES (Electromagnetic Sensitivity), my body can be like an EMF radiation meter (which is not as cool as it sounds!).

I experienced my usual symptoms, ones that appear when I get too close to strong electromagnetic fields – dizziness, a cramp like headache, ringing in the ears and a metallic taste in my mouth.

I took pictures of these antennas (reproduced above) and sent them to Mark Steele’s team at Save Us Now and they confirmed that these antennas were indeed 5G but possibly not switched on yet.

On the Perth and Kinross council website the antennas are called “intelligent street lighting controllers”, similar to infrastructure that can be found down in Gateshead in the north of England.

Gateshead Council claims that its LED antennas are merely “control management systems” – basically devices to switch street lights on and off intelligently times which they clearly are not as Mark Steele has proved time and again.

People genuinely concerned

Toward the end of my visit I noticed 5G antennas on every LED Street light from St Fillans to Comrie, Crieff, and Methven.

I spoke to shop owners and residents and put posters up on local notice boards. Most of those I talked with felt genuinely concerned.

Despite a year of researching 5G, even I was still shocked to see these antennas installed in otherwise lovely towns and villages.

We need to be vigilant over this 5G technology

If this technology is switched on and we begin to feel its negative effects, at least we will know what it looks like. As the saying goes, “know thine enemy”!

Could we become so desperate that we might try to tear it down ourselves?

Not if we spread the word, become informed and come together to stop this roll out before it reaches its bitter end.

L. O’Connor