“Olive” Branches Out on 5G Campaigning

“Olive” first wrote to Digital Survivor four days ago as a mother frightened by 5G coming to the Scottish island where she and her small child live. Today she’s an active #Stop5G campaigner!

“Olive” (a pseudonym) said she suffers health symptoms due to electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation and knew these would worsen with 5G. Naturally, she was also fearful about 5G’s likely implications for her youngster.

I offered my initial thoughts on her situation and mentioned too that there are many campaigns currently springing up against 5G technology worldwide. You can find a Digital Survivor article highlighting Olive’s plight here.

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Partly because of that first contact, and with further encouragement given in a reader’s tender response to her story, she channeled her fears and decided to fight back publicly.

Olive today

Olive then got back in touch this morning. There was no doubting she’d gone from fearful mother to outraged activist, willing to put herself out there, over just four days!

Here’s a summarised version of what she told me in emails today:

Through your advice, I am now able to put the modem code into the laptop and turn all wi-fi off in my home.

I am so grateful for you, and your post, as well as the reply. Thank you Olive (a pseudonym also adopted by the lady who gave her reply of encouragement here on Digital Survivor).

My little man will be taken out of school for sure, and I told them this today. They may not care about one person speaking, but if others are woken up and they speak too then we will be heard.

I’m also waiting for the school’s deputy head to call me back to arrange to go and speak with her about how she will help protect the children under her care from this kind of exposure.

If other parents won’t stand up, then I will fight for them too. But with the more evidence shown, the more their choices become. I don’t know how any parent finding out the truth could actually sit back and do nothing!

Together we can get rid of this. We matter, our children’s lives matter, yet we are cheated out of even having a say.

I won’t be shutting my mouth. I’m ready for this protest and will soon be vocal outside the council with fliers and posters.

We have a Facebook group called 5G Orkney. We will try to get a campaign together and a protest group to stop this altogether.

I also contacted the BBC Radio and spoke to a journalist interested in knowing the date, place and time of the campaign and protest against 5G in Orkney.

I’m not one to keep my mouth SHUT to injustice, especially when it comes to children and those I Love …

Regarding my name being used as Olive Oil, that was a nick-name I had as a child from the cartoon Popeye.

That’s me, Olive. Spinach for my little man to feed him – and protect him and others with all that I am!

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N.B. Digital Survivor respects privacy whenever anyone makes contact. Should there be issues arising that are in the public interest, they will be fully anonymised if published. “Olive” has stated that she was happy with this arrangement.

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If you’re inspired enough to keep reading this post, take a look at this amazing letter Olive just sent to her local authority:


To Orkney Islands Borough Council

The international biomedical research community has made it quite clear that radio-frequency radiation, and specifically cellular radio-frequency radiation, can harm people in an enormous number of ways.

Most recently the National Institutes of Health linked cellular radiation to brain cancer (glioma) which is usually fatal, and to a nerve cancer (schwannoma) that can be fatal.

That is, the scientific evidence suggests that we must treat radio-frequency radiation, and in particular cellular radiation, not only as dangerous to health generally, but also as a CARCINOGEN that is dangerous to life itself.

So, when a small cell tower is placed “up close and personal” to people, those people have every right to decline.

So, can we take the “ Precautionary Principle ” approach to 5G technology?

Which holds that society does NOT need absolute proof of hazard to place limits on a given technology, if the evidence is sufficiently solid and the risks sufficiently great, the precautionary principle calls for the delaying of deployment of that technology until further research clarifies its impact.

The National Infrastructure Commission has claimed that in order to facilitate 5G technology the UK would need to place small cell towers every 100/300 metres.

If Orkney Islands council officials want to protect the public from harm, they need to rally their legal might to resist ALL EFFORTS to install small cell towers in the area, not just because that is the right thing to do, but also because such installation violates multiple existing laws that are reasonably believed to be pre-eminent.

The public Grant that has been awarded to OIC (£4.3 billion) is of course a PUBLIC GRANT, therefore stating that the public themselves should have a say to how things are done about this 5G being placed here at such high risks to the people in their homes, around their homes and near their children.

What about our children? Do you have children?

If you don’t believe that cellular radiation is harmful, I seriously urge you and suggest a great deal of study and hold off in regards to this 5G roll out which is extremely dangerous to human life and animals as well as environment.

I came here to Orkney Islands 3 years + to start a new life with my son to escape the city and all its pollution and have felt safe here, but now I am not so sure that I have made the correct decision for myself and my son who relies up on me to protect and take good care of him.

It feels now that this is being taken away from under me and I am thinking about moving again so that myself and little boy are not exposed to any of this.

The public should have a say in all of this, and I and my son matter as well as all the other families here in Orkney Islands.

It has always been prominent to me that Orkney took care of its people better than any place I’ve been, and I have lived in other countries.

I assumed this place was by far the best and the safest, hence why we left our home and family to come and live here, yet now I feel that as all places when it comes to money any will sell their own people out.

I am hoping this is not the case here too.

Orkney is rated the top safest place for women and children. If this 5G goes ahead I assure you with certainty this will not be the same very soon as this 5G affects the pregnant women and young children first and above all.

Orkney is about families and safety and environment not money! So I thought, along with many others.

If you do not believe that 5G radiation microwaves are harmful then please I ask you to consider the following questions:

On which sources of information are you relying for assurances of safety?

Do those sources have extensive backgrounds in the biological effects of radio-frequency radiation? Are those sources free from vested interests in cellular communications or other wireless technologies?

Are those sources more authoritative on health issues than the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization? That organization linked radio-frequency radiation, and in particular cellular radiation, to cancer back in 2011?

Are those sources more authoritative on health issues than the National Toxicology Program (NTP) at the National Institutes of Health?

The NTP confirmed the link of radio-frequency radiation, and in particular cellular radiation, to cancer in 2016 and to DNA damage more broadly in 2017? These findings are the result of the largest study ($25 million) that the NTP has ever conducted of any toxin.

Have you read some of the scientific research literature that connects radio-frequency radiation to biological effects and that has been funded by impartial sources?

If your answer to the last question above is “No”, I hope that you will explore at least some of the vast biomedical research literature available.

Also, for an excellent online overview of the impact of wireless technology on health, please see the web site of the Environmental Health Trust (https://ehtrust.org/). This organization is led by Devra Davis, Ph.D., M.P.H. who has had a distinguished career of public service in support of public health.

Dr. Davis was a member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that was named a joint recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2007.

The BioInitiative Report updated in 2012, prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, reviewed 1800 studies and conclude,“EMF and RFR are preventable toxic exposures.

“We have the knowledge and means to save global populations from multi-generational adverse health consequences by reducing both ELF and RFR exposures. Proactive and immediate measures to reduce unnecessary EMF exposures will lower disease burden and rates of premature death.”

It is the council’s responsibility to protect the residents of Orkney, especially the children.

The council needs to critically consider the potential impact of the 5th generation wireless infrastructure on the health and safety of the residents of Orkney before proceeding to welcome 5G technology.

The International EMF Scientist Appeal is evidence of growing concern among EMF experts world-wide. This Appeal is currently signed by 225 scientists in 41 nations of the world.

All of them have conducted EMF studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that reported biological and adverse health effects caused by human-made sources of EMF.

The combination of these reported findings lends credibility to the Appeal’s strong recommendation for review of the current EMF exposure guidelines set by the FCC, as these guidelines are considered to be obsolete and inadequate to protect human health and the environment. https://www.jrseco.com//wp-content/uploads/2017-08_EU_5G_Appeal_10_August_2017.pdf?c=cf13ce20305c.

If you wish to hear from more Orkney Islands members that are very concerned about this matter then you can find in the public domain groups such as facebook-5G ORKNEY.

For more info on the effects and many more within the UK fighting against 5G and true life 5G stories of those effected, as well as children being diagnosed with brain tumors and cancer, then please visit sites such as:

The latter is the detailed information on the non ionizing radiation, which is the cause for much harm such as on humans and animals as mentioned above.

I therefore request that OIC prohibit local “small cell” wireless antennas, including equipment allocated on existing structures or located on new “poles, structures, or non-pole structures,” including those within the public right-of-way and buildings – along with a request to stop the 5G installation as of its detrimental health risk to all life.

Not all Orkney residents want their homes, neighborhoods, and rural lifestyle to be polluted with RFR; if you all knew the truth and the full truth without any bias and have families and children, then please consider my plea here as a single mother who is concerned greatly about her sons and own life as well as the lives of others.

Telecom deployment serves the unbounded profit motive of telecom corporations.

What is in the best of Orkney Islands public interest here is to avoid unnecessary RFR exposures as much as and as best as possible.