Satellite Psy-Op Doesn’t Fool #Stop5G Activists

Many #Stop5G activists consider any notion of 5G space satellites as being pie-in-the-sky. But we nonetheless need to find common ground and to ally with believers.

I don’t accept that space satellites will (or even can) deliver 5G coverage from space.

So I checked in this morning on a popular Waking Times article, 20000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth, still attracting comments from 5G critics.

The reply section is pretty lively, even heated at times, as space 5G skeptics stir the pot:

“what absolute load of dogshit” – Paul Donohue

“5G works with towers” – Juan Olivier

“Never read such peurile shite…. so 20,000 rockets are about to launch new satellites? My arse …” – Steven Rielly

These are just a few of the comments countering Waking Times’s satellite narrative.

But as one might expect, proponents are also vocal, even if they are in a minority:

“Warning for trolls. They got in here quickly so there must be some truth in the article which they need to distinguish” – Saskia Eva

“I see the problem here. You are literally too stupid to even understand the topic. Congratulations on proving how successful the dumbing down of the population really is. #flatearthstupidity” – Obviouslyobvious

Predictably, anyone disbelieving the article are dismissed as being a “flat-earther” – a lazy ad hominem attack aiming to conceal a lack of any rational argument. But I won’t go down that pointless rabbit hole today (or indeed ever).

I left a comment that posed scientific questions contained in my own “Three Reasons Space 5G is a Psy-Op Hoax” piece:

This 5G satellite nonsense is a psy-op designed to distract our attention and energy:

1. 5G struggles to get through walls, trees and even rain – which is why there will be so many small cell units placed very close together down here on the ground. How will 5G beams penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and reach the surface, especially given weather patterns and the thick lingering trails coming out of so many aircraft these days?

2. Also, 5G phone manufacturers are struggling to find batteries for their devices that will have any useful length of usage between recharging. So what size of power units will these satellites need? And who has built a rocket big enough to lift such a payload into and beyond the sky?

3. Even if “5G from space” was possible, not science fiction, what could you do about it, except maybe sign a petition?

4. Any public money that goes into supporting the likes of Musk for his “satellites” is in fact being stolen by deception … and probably laundered to be spent on black ops elsewhere.

C’mon people. You’re smarter than this, aren’t you? Try to think intelligently and act before they’ve wired the entire Earth for demolition.

At time of writing here, my comment over on Waking Times is still “awaiting moderation”. (Maybe they’re still in bed, despite their Twitter page stating “The Cosmos” as their location.)

We can still work together

Many #Stop5G campaigners believe and even promote the 5G satellite issue, despite skepticism mentioned above.

In fact, I encourage anyone to sign the 5G Space Appeal petition against the satellites, which to date has gathered around 50,000 signatures.

I signed, despite seeing my #Stop5G work as being more grounded. Job done and I won’t be distracted.

After all, the threat from 5G is very real for all of us. We must therefore set aside our differences in order to stop it.