Arthur Firstenberg Audio Podcast and PDF

Stop 5G Appeal asked me to publish work by US scientist & author Arthur Firstenberg as he is experiencing censorship online.

Firstenberg is an expert on the subject of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. He’s the founder of an independent campaign group called the Cellular Phone Task Force.

Audio podcast

The audio podcast below contains a 43 minute interview recorded earlier this year and entitled The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation. It makes for compelling listening – and you can also download the mp3 file to your own device.

To download the audio file, right-click on this link then choose “Save Link As …”

PDF article

Firstenberg also wrote a detailed but readable article about the negative health implications of electromagnetic field radiation and the proliferation of cell towers and mobile phones at

Below is a PDF version (A4 format) of the article to read, download or print out at your leisure.It’s called The Largest Biological Experiment Ever.

Click on this image to read or download it:

Please feel free to share this article, including the downloadable files, with your friends and networks. Firstenberg relayed his express permission to Digital Survivor via the Stop 5G Appeal.