About Ethernet Cables and 5G Routers – Computer Says No!

I was told by a reliable source yesterday that some internet service providers are now messing with people’s home routers remotely.

Currently, it’s possible for consumers to disable wi-fi in their modem routers and instead plug in an ethernet cable to access online.

Coupled with disabling wi-fi on one’s devices, this should reduce electromagnetic radiation to zero. Good news for those of us suffering with electro-sensitivity issues!

Computer Says No?

5G and the control grid

But as 5G starts to appear, the ISPs are apparently resetting routers remotely so as to switch back on and transmit wi-fi even after users have disabled it.

A lady told me last night that she’d configured her set-up for ethernet only to find it was blasting out electrosmog again the very next day. It’s happened to her several times.

She also said that only one device at a time will work through newer routers’ ethernet ports. Even running a cable to a multi-port connector, so that more than one cabled device can be hard-wired, is disallowed remotely.

This person lives in the US and unfortunately I didn’t get the name of her internet provider.

Of course, ISPs have been able to mess with router settings for quite some time now anyway. They just haven’t bothered up until now.

But with the Internet of Things being driven by 5G in order to connect absolutely everyone and everything wirelessly, psychopaths behind the technology clearly want us to stay irradiated by their higher-power waves.

This practice is obviously a violation of human rights, both in terms of denying our ability to choose and our right not to get sick – and even die.

We’ll find out if this unacceptable situation is also to be the case in Britain soon enough.