A 5G “Killer App” Now in Plain Sight

It’s now out in the open that 5G is literally a killer technology.

I wrote in previous post that 5G is weaponised and is even capable of causing early onset of Alzheimer’s.

Still incredible?

Watch this short clip of US anti-5G campaigner Joe Imbriano where he explains the devastating effects 5G 60GHz millimetre waves have on the very oxygen we breathe:

Listen to this recent interview with UK activist Mark Steele as he talks at length on David Icke’s Youtube channel about 5G and LED street lighting being weaponised systems:

Now the tech industry itself is telling us …

Now it seems even Microsoft, hardly an anti-5G entity, is shoving the truth in all of  our faces. Look at the  language used in the excerpt below (my emphasis) from a lightreading.com article published today by telecom-industry cheerleader Mitch Wagner:

Mitch Wagner
11 March 2019

“We think the killer app for 5G is staring telcos in the face,” Lievano tells Light Reading. The killer app for 5G is simple connectivity — pervasive and always-on.

5G will become the air that we breathe. Connectivity will be pervasive,” Lievano says. “When you click that machine on, connectivity should be present, whether you’re at home, or in the office, or at your local Starbucks. You shouldn’t have to fumble along and find the WiFi hotspot. It should be there.”


There can be no doubt, ladies and gentlemen: We are being prepared for a mass cull of humanity.

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