Hitting Glasgow on 5G is the Plan

“Think Global, Act Local” was a mantra of the Green movement for many years. Perhaps there’s a lesson in that when it comes to campaigning against 5G.

I wrote a couple of days ago about how Digital Survivor had become an unmanageable beast and that redirecting effort was required in order to make activities sustainable.

Changes were made, including the blog’s primary web address and its visual appearance.

However, digitalsurvivor.uk is live again, and this is for a very good reason.

Hitting Glasgow’s streets

A longer-term goal has always been to design information leaflets and hand them out in various locations across the city.

The plan is to use these flyers as opening devices for talking to the public, gauging levels of awareness and perhaps encouraging potential Stop-5G activists.

I’ve decided that this strategy is now paramount; and that the blog is in fact a secondary resource – still highly important, but secondary nonetheless.

The current situation in Glasgow

Even before 5G swamps the entire city, levels of electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation are already dangerously high in places. I discovered this recently when taking meter readings from existing street wi-fi apparatus.

The public needs to be made aware what’s really happening with 5G wherever they live, work or spend leisure time. And I want to know if anyone is prepared to act on that information.

Indeed, there’s already a significant groundswell against Glasgow City Council’s apparent willingness to cut down the city’s trees – and many won’t be happy hearing that more may disappear primarily to service 5G coverage.

For the record

While leafleting, I’ll also be looking to record people’s thoughts and opinions (including cases of apathy!) for audio podcasts that will appear on Digital Survivor.

Following this “think global, act local” ethos, I hope others with access to Stop-5G blogs will do likewise.

While there certainly is value in sharing information online, it’s only away from keyboard and screen that anything will actually get done.

Twitter accounts and Facebook groups alone aren’t enough to reverse 5G’s assault on humanity, wildlife and our environment.

We must stop 5G on the streets!