Virtue-Signalling Flyer Update

The A5 flyers are back from the printer and an initial date is set to go out leafleting.

I know I’m banging on somewhat about this 5G leaflet, but this is a brief post to say 3,000 printed copies are now with me and distribution starts later this week.

And in true virtue-signalling fashion, I’ll tell you that I employed a small local printer (4′ 11″ tall but his business is looking up) so that the cash might circulate through Glasgow’s economy rather than sit in some Vistaprint account abroad.

So, job so-far done and baked beans are on the menu these coming weeks.

Folks from campaigns elsewhere have already been in touch asking permission to use it for their own local groups.

Although designed for raising awareness of  5G on Glasgow’s streets, the PDF file can be used for pretty much any #Stop5G activists anywhere.

And please note you don’t need my permission to use or customise this flyer too.

After all, #Stop5G isn’t a competition; nor is this a time to get precious about such things.

5G’s appearing on our streets – and therefore so must we!

Download your own copy here for free.