Has 5G’s Assault on our Senses Already Begun?

Are electromagnetic frequencies being deployed on our minds and senses in advance of the looming 5G control-grid? I think so.

My ability to manage the pressure of #Stop5G campaigning broke down completely after working three 17-hou days on a row last week. As a result, this blog, Digital Survivor, all but disappeared entirely for a day.

But I knew that the threat 5G technology represents would not simply go away just because I felt a desperate need to turn my back on it.

So I sought guidance by praying.

An answer was then granted and Digital Survivor is definitely back and perhaps more focussed than ever.

Others too – all around the same time!

Friends who have nothing at all to do with the campaign told me that they were also experiencing particularly negative feelings around the same time I was. I took  a mental note of this.

And a couple of fellow campaigners said they’d felt extremely low as well.

The first of those was the publisher of another #Stop5G website. Indeed, this now seems to have developed to the point where that person has inexplicably broken off contact with me entirely – inexplicably only in that no reason was provided.

My subsequent research into this situation did however provide an alarming deduction – one that I’m still processing and so shan’t go into here publicly – and it seems an early gut instinct was accurate all along.

The other campaigner was a person who is significant for having been very much in the public eye with their work. In a long email, that person said to me:

“This is spiritual work and we are subject to psychic attack – if we allow ourselves to get so tired and negative, we are undermining our own success.

“Interestingly, when you went off-line, that was about the time or a little bit before that I started to feel very rough too. I started to get quite negative.

“And remember, all this technology is about precisely that. This is why we have to protect ourselves vibrationally. I hope you know how to do that.”

Beware …

Is electromagnetic technology being tested out as a mind-control weapon, along with targeted psy-ops on individuals, even before the 5G matrix fully assumes its place?

It increasingly seems that way. But who knows for sure?

Fellow activists, and indeed everyone else: Beware clever rabbit holes appearing along your path – those dug by professional shills and social engineers put in place far in advance by vested interests working against our interests.

That 5G threatens to change the face of humanity worldwide is pretty much common knowledge now. This surely tells us that hidden powers are very active, far above our immediate comprehension.

A new paradigm is almost upon us, one that’s clearly starting to take effect.