Welcome New Electro-Sensitivity Forum

A forum recently appeared online designed for people looking to talk freely about their electro-sensitivity issues.

Although EMR Sanctuary Community is published from Australia. it could prove to become an invaluable resource for EMS sufferers everywhere.

And while many great websites currently exist to inform us of the hazards artificial electromagnetism and radio-frequency radiation present, this forum adds a platform for anyone preferring a more conversational approach.

The “welcome” page says:

“The forum area below is intended as a welcoming venue for information exchange and mutual support. …

“Our ultimate aim is for Government and industry to adopt less invasive technologies and more rigorous public safety standards.”

Discussions are divided broadly into seven categories:

The site also provides a well researched educational forum.

Content is fairly sparse at the moment but it’s easy to register and either start your own discussion or contribute to existing threads.

This is an exciting development, especially with 5G now approaching over the horizon.

Get on it! 😎