Extraordinary Interview with Cal Washington of the InPower Movement

Speaking with Digital Survivor last night, Cal Washington described what’s really happening right now with the worldwide rollout of “smart” technology.

The InPower Movement’s founder blended wireless tech, an esoteric legal system and profoundly spiritual matters as he explained the accelerating dystopia grid being built around us right now using smart meters, 5G and related electromagnetic infrastructure.

He also laid out practical steps we can all take ourselves to stop the madness.

A must-listen, and one with a fundamentally positive message, this is for all #Stop5G campaigners to take away – and to take heart from!

“What they’ve done, it’s a worldwide agenda … Those that understand the Bible can glean who it is doing this; and it’s not flesh and blood, it’s coming from higher up.

“What they did, they’re deploying a military weapon system. It’s not a standing army, it’s utilities and smartphone companies … It’s all commercial …”

Hear Cal’s full audio interview here:

Download the audio mp3 file by right-clicking the media player on this link.