Be the Change …

A Scottish lady contacted Digital Survivor today seeking a #Stop5G  group to join to get active “on the streets”. This is a question many must be asking right now in the face of 5G.

“Is there a body of people against 5G in Scotland who are meeting up to make their presence known?

“Leaflets are great, but we need to physically see groups in the population that actually exist that are coming together to challenge the government on the ‘deployment’ of 5G in this country.

“If there is I’d like to join it. I’m trying to find a movement in existence in Scotland.

“All that evidence, yet an apparent reluctance to put heads above the parapet. Thank you for making the move.”

My immediate response?

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

That answer may sound dismissive, even churlish, but it’s not. For wasn’t Ghandi spot-on with that (alleged) quote?

The fact is that people have to stand up themselves. Groups may then start to appear for those merely content to follow.

However, it was said to me recently that anti-fracking groups are making murmurs about 5G. But that was purely anecdotal.

A longer answer

But the lady is absolutely right in saying we need to find ways of identifying others to network with if we are truly to fight 5G.

This is precisely why I designed a leaflet recently and paid money I don’t really have for 3,000 to be printed.

That’s also why I and a colleague spent a few hours on the streets of Glasgow yesterday – to hand them out and speak to anyone interested – and why I’ll be out delivering them again, including through letter boxes in my local streets.

It’s all about gauging interest and encouraging potential activists.

Head above the parapet or live in slavery?

No one actually wants to be putting themselves on the line. I certainly don’t want to be running this website (though I’m glad I’m able to, for as long as I can sustain it).

This really is a case of die on your feet or live on your knees.

Life under 5G will be hell on Earth. The technology’s capability for ultra levels of surveillance, especially as it will power the Internet of Things where every being and object is connected wirelessly, is well-known.

Some say 5G and other manipulation of electromagnetic fields will even facilitate mind and mood control.

And the technology’s disastrous effects on health are not really in dispute.

So what can we do?

There’s no option but to be brave enough to open dialogue and see who agrees. Only from doing this can people decide to get together and act.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Finding parents with children would be a great place to start, perhaps by going out and arranging to speak to parent & toddler groups. If mums and dads knew what 5G means for current and future generations they would take notice.
  • Find local activists, such as the anti-frackers mentioned above, and see if they might come aboard and help set up a #Stop5G group.
  • Silly though this sounds, talk audibly with a friend about 5G in public, such as when standing in supermarket queues. People love to earwig, don’t we?
  • Bounce ideas with a friend and come up with more than these three points I just wrote down here.

Be prepared to start small and local. If enough of us set an example, others will do likewise and join in.

What did you do in the fight to save humanity from 5G?