Best Ways Forward to Stop5G?

As the relentless assault on humanity known as 5G continues, where might #Stop5G campaigners focus their attention to best effect?

One benefit of running a website like Digital Survivor is being able to see what articles are most popular with visitors.

Based on this data, I’ll make a few suggestions as to how activists might read the public mood and perhaps channel efforts for maximum effect.


5G especially struggles where trees are in the way of a signal (and even if it rains heavily enough). This is one reason why so much closely aligned infrastructure is being put in place.

A lot of readers are visiting our reports about how trees are disappearing systematically from our urban streets.

Since publication here a mere couple of days ago, NO5GNI’s Why are all the Trees Gone article has already attracted thousands of views..

Contacts in other #Stop5G campaigns also tell me they are witnessing a rise in interest over the tree issue.

And add too that many ordinary folks will start to notice ugly and highly dangerous street furniture and wireless cell units proliferating further with the rollout of 5G infrastructure.

Ad hoc environmental protests have long been a tradition in the UK. The general public certainly has eyes.

Public health

Electromagnetic field emissions and radio-frequency radiation have long been a concern when it comes to their disastrous effects on people’s health.

This is a strong angle for campaigners to use and indeed they already are.

The only sticking point is that the telecom industry repeatedly makes dishonest assertions that wireless emissions are within (outdated and inadequate) safety guidelines approved by, for example, the World Health Organisation.

Such arguments from the industry and its regulators continue to provide authoritarian resistance to what many see as factual common sense.

Surveillance and data protection

There are of course real issues that come with 5G regards 24/7 surveillance, privacy and data protection.

This will become increasingly apparent as 5G powers an Internet of Things where every human being and every device connects wirelessly.

However, it’s already an overcrowded fight – and one that’s been going on for many years away from electromagnetism concerns.

Valid though this angle is, there seems little point in wasting much time shouting into the wind.


Some of us consider what’s happening in this realm as an abomination. We can only hope our prayers are heard and met.