And You Thought 5G was Insane?

With too few people currently waking up to the insanity of 5G, a next generation of wireless tech seems destined to cook humanity entirely.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is truly insane and apparently run by psychopaths.

Why? Because  last week it decided to open up ultra-high wireless frequencies, extremely hazardous to human health and wildlife, for unfettered development by the telecom sector.

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Part of the FCC’s remit is to regulate the telecom industry. However, its current chairman Ajit Pai believes ” … the FCC should prioritize the removal of regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment.”
John Eggerton
15 March 2019

“Today, we too extend the horizon—this time with respect to spectrum,” he [Ajit Pai] said. “Just like Mach 1 speeds, the airwaves above 95 GHz—extremely high-frequency, short-wavelength bands of spectrum—were previously thought to be unapproachable (in our case, for wireless applications).

“However, recent evolutions in technology have led us to look to these ‘spectrum horizons’ for new services and applications, such as personal health monitoring systems, see-in-the dark imaging, and centimeter-level position …”

… “One reason the U.S. leads the world in wireless is that we’ve moved quickly to open up new spectrum bands for innovative uses,” added commissioner Brendan Carr. “We don’t wait around for technologies to develop fully before unlocking spectrum so that entrepreneurs have the incentives to invest and experiment.


There has been great concern about artificial electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation since the first commercial appearance of 2G away back in 1991.

Current health problems already range from disturbed sleep patterns right up to full-blown cancer.

Now far more powerful 5G is already destroying people’s health and even killing us, as Digital Survivor reported in a January post entitled DHS Employee Blows Lid on 5G.

And soon we are set to unleash upon the Earth wireless radiation ranging between 95 GHz and 3 THz (“tera”) with 6G!

(UPDATE: As an alert reader pointed out later today, 5G will kill the Earth anyway – so any concept of 6G is almost pointless! See very bottom video clip.)

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You think this article is hyperbole? Just listen to former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler (previously a telecom industry lobbyist!) and decide for yourself:

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