Petition Response Further Shows UK Government Unaccountable

Digital Survivor contributor NO5GNI’s excellent analysis, published here this morning, of the UK Government’s reply to a Parliamentary petition on 5G health and safety confirms that Britain is run by psychopaths.

Our government is clearly unaccountable on 5G and wireless technology, just as it is with Brexit (whichever side of that beleaguered issue one is on).

Many British politicians, and especially Prime Minister Theresa May, act like bag-carriers for a foreign power or some other occult interest.

Are petitions any use?

I think petitions are fine for letting them know there’s a groundswell of opinion against their actions. But they are ultimately ignored and therefore futile regards affecting change.

Indeed, consider how many people marched in protest against the 2003 Gulf War. The then Labour government nonetheless pushed on with its warmongering, based entirely on fake evidence of Saddam Hussein having “weapons of mass destruction”.

If you heard my recent interview with Cal Washington it’s clear that no government in the world is acting on behalf of its citizens right now.

So what can we do?

Certainly keep up the pressure through petitions and protest. But that’s clearly not going to be enough.

However, very high visitor stats on this site indicate that even the most asleep among us are starting to notice how our trees are disappearing to accommodate 5G – and that may prove the most effective way forward.

All the other campaigning angles available, valid though they are, resemble games of ping-pong where vested interests have answers (no matter how weak) to bat back. “Repeat a lie often enough …” seems to be the modus operandi.

That said, the highly important health angle will gain increased prominence in the public perception once folk go on to look beyond those disappearing trees.


We need to think strategically, not least as 5G has obviously been planned well in advance – even if our would-be masters do seem to be rushing it out like headless chickens all in a panic at our awakening to their psychopathic nature and behaviour.

Those working against our interests have a strategy they’re following. We need to be coherent and intelligent in devising our response.

What ordinary folks can actually see – tree stumps, toxic and unsightly street furniture, cell masts and wireless apparatus appearing like guard towers in a prison camp – is what will motivate them into action.

That’s my opinion.