A Reader’s View on 5G

We all have our thoughts on 5G and what it will mean in our personal and collective lives. Here’s what one reader told Digital Survivor:

Great website and keep up the sterling work.

I live in Bristol – which is a designated Rockefeller Foundation 100 Smart City.

The Mayor and local government departments, alongside partners, stakeholders and other ‘common purpose’ individuals are working swiftly to implement 5G, The Internet of Things and Smart Meters.

I love freedom, liberty and healthy, happy, empowered people. My choice is to live in the city / wider world – and within that space exist in a low tech way. (No TV, Car, Washing Machine).

So the roll-out of this technology. locally, nationally and globally is a big concern to me. A comprehensive Big Brother, New World Order control system that is intrusive, dangerous and without our consent.

I have written to various people in local government and some of the partners implementing the technology. The response is quite startling: A shared ‘one vision’ of the Smart Future – a resilient, agile city, with sustainable development, and the ability to combat climate chaos.

Meanwhile, all the public toilets are closed, rubbish covers the streets, and the day-to-day issues are not being dealt with.

Thanks to “A” for that succinct yet insightful contribution.

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