Community Fibre Instead of 5G?

Can community owned fibre networks provide a counter to the rollout of 5G irradiated tech? One Canadian website believes so.

A news release published earlier this week claimed “many communities across North America are choosing to build and operate their own fiber-to-the-premises networks” instead of accepting hazardous 5G irradiation.

Cities like Chattanooga Tennessee, Portland Oregon, Olds Alberta, San Francisco and Seattle – cities that value data privacy, autonomy, local prosperity and wellbeing – have chosen or are choosing community-owned fiber.

Wired fiber is faster, safer, cheaper, greener, more reliable, and more data secure than wireless 5G – the 5th generation of cellular technology.

Community owned fiber keeps telecommunications infrastructure in local hands and keeps it responsive to local needs.

From improved emergency services and economic opportunities to resource monitoring and distributing locally generated renewable energy – the manifold benefits of community-owned fiber make it the truly smart choice.

You can download the full (PDF) news release here.

Visit the site – where there’s a “toolkit” page with lots of inks to PDFs explaining the principles of setting up and funding a community fibre project.

This is a positive step forwards. 😎