Even More Health Hazards in a 5G IoT

Effective cyber security will become near impossible in a 5G-driven Internet of Things. Those fitted with implanted medical devices may be vulnerable as a result.

The US Food & Drug Administration issued a news release two days ago admitting equipment that transmits data remotely using wireless radio-frequency will be open to hackers.

The document states that using Meditronic equipment, “as with any connected medical device and especially implanted life-supporting or life-sustaining devices”, constitutes a cyber risk.

“The Conexus wireless telemetry protocol has cybersecurity vulnerabilities because it does not use encryption, authentication, or authorization. The FDA has confirmed that these vulnerabilities, if exploited, could allow an unauthorized individual (for example, someone other than the patient’s physician) to access and potentially manipulate an implantable device, home monitor, or clinic programmer.”

See the full FDA news release on this link.