Smart Meters in Cars?

As if radiation bouncing around in the metal cages we call cars isn’t already enough, from Bluetooth devices in dashboards and your cell phone, prepare for fitted smart meters too. reported a few days ago on how motor vehicles will be fitted with the equivalent of smart meters, dubbed “V2V technology”.

This is ostensibly in order to reduce risk of road accidents but would provide a gateway to powering self-driving cars using radar.

V2V resembles smart meters, apparatus already deemed hazardous to health, in that it acts to transmit, receive and network with other wireless devices on the road (and most likely beyond).

Catherine J. Frompovich
20 March 2019

Smart meters on your utility services pump radio frequencies (RFs) into your homes and, if being proposed for autos, somewhere operating close to your body while in your new high-tech automobile!

How much in the way of RFs do you think your body, especially your central nervous system, i.e., the brain, can be subjected to before you go bonkers?

What do you think will happen when 5G pumps out millimeter waves, which will activate your body’s sweat glands? Don’t believe that?


Is this what we really want? Are you going to buy into this?