Another Personal View on 5G

Here’s another contribution to Digital Survivor’s ongoing series of posts that highlight people’s personal opinions and reactions to 5G:

I came across 5G when I was researching Electromagnetic Sensitivity that I developed due to being over exposed to a mobile phone mast which was very close to holiday accommodation I was staying at.

5G terrified me. I kept thinking “this can’t be real” but from previous research about chemtrails, vaccinations, the hidden hand, etc, I knew it was possible.

I carried out research for over a year,;reading about scientific studies, reports, testimonies from EMF specialists, ex-military, ex-telecommunication workers and health professionals. I realised that many studies about the dangers of mobile phones and Wi-Fi had been suppressed, and certainly not discussed by the mainstream.

When my neighbour got a smart meter installed I realised I could feel the effects from it through my kitchen wall. I just got angry and thought, enough I have to do something. Since then I’ve been helping to spread the word on the dangers of 5G.

When I was at school we were taught word processing on the old BBC computers, the most exciting thing you could do with them was change the font. I understand and enjoy the benefits of technology but our health and the health of our environment should come first no matter what.

I despair at the amount of people I see with smart phones, how a packed train could be so silent sends a cold shiver through me. Technology helps us to communicate? Well I beg to differ.

As a keen bird watcher and lover of wildlife I have noticed its decline and it breaks my heart. I feel it’s our duty as the caretakers of this planet to look after all that nature has to offer.

My only hope is enough of us will wake up and put a stop to 5G and rethink Wi-Fi altogether. There are other safer ways to use technology for our benefit, after all is that not what it is supposed to be for, to help us, and not accelerate our decline.

L. O’Connor

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