InPower Movement Looking for UK Notaries for Notice of Liability Actions

InPower Movement sent out an email request today asking for details of any public notaries people in the UK might know or know of locally.

This is all about stopping killer tech, such as 5G and smart meters, by making public officials and the telecom industry liable for health risks associated with its rollout. And it’s about to start in Britain!

Such an action requires a Notice of Liability, which InPower Movement can provide, to be supported by an affidavit (Latin term for a sworn statement) verified by a public notary.

Many UK towns and cities have public notaries. You can find yours on this link.

Do you have details of your nearest public notary? This really is an important development – a potentially huge opportunity to take a big step forwards in the battle against killer tech, folks!

Please read the email message (below) and use the link provided to let InPower Movement know.

Please also share this request across your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts!

We are preparing to send the Notice of Liability (NoL) Regarding Trespassing Technology in your area and are looking for local notaries to assist our community.  It may be possible to form a group that meets up in one location with their documents to be notarised in one single session to share the fees and make it more efficient and affordable.

If you are a notary or know someone who is a notary who is willing to help InPower community members notarise their Affidavits at no or low cost, please let us know.  We have a form you or your notary contact can complete to share with our members at:

Very best,
InPower Core Team
P.S.  We have members sending out the documents in the next 2 weeks, so please feel free to pass this along so we can get connected as soon as possible.  Thank you!