Advice on Protecting Ourselves Against 5G and other Wireless Technology

Digital Survivor regularly receives requests for advice on how to protect ourselves against the assault of 5G and other wireless tech. Available answers are limited but can be helpful nonetheless.

Here is an email exchange (anonymised) from this morning:

We live in an area where we believe to be an emf/radiation hotspot.

  1. 1. we are surrounded by telecom masts all within .5km . This is a semi rural/urban area. We believe our local council has sold the borough to the communication companies. Trees down , masts up.

2. we are under the final approach to [a major city} airport. Within 10 nautical miles, in line with the runway!!  We believe the radar/instrument landing system and overhead aircraft are adding to our problems.

Any help ,advice is greatly appreciated. Will go into more detail if you reply!!!

Love the site, great info. We have signed up to your mailing list.

Sorry for such a long message, but this whole subject is massive to us.

Thank you .


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Digital Survivor response

Because Digital Survivor is a voluntary labour of love, unfunded unless anyone wants to donate, I can’t deal with absolutely every request for help on an individual basis.

However, here is the reply I supplied to “DJ”:

Thanks for making contact.

There aren’t any easy answers although there are certainly steps that can be taken to try and improve your situation.

In my opinion, and of many others, we’re facing a total-surveillance matrix and kill-grid. Humanity is under serious attack right now. There’s no other way to put it.

The way things look at the moment we’re all going to be irradiated when 5G rolls out.

In my case, Glasgow, where I live, is a pilot city for 5G and I’m moving to go live in a coastal location.

Of course, that may not be a practical option for you, but then that’s part of the problem with 5G and all the other EMF issues we’re living with right now.

Having said that, I designed a flyer and paid out of my own shallow pocket to have it printed. I’ve been out leafleting the city about the dangers of 5G and managed to find another person to do that with. I am pleased to be able to say it’s been generally well received.

Maybe you read Olive’s story? It’s worth reading, including the couple of links in the post, as it show how she went from sending Digital Survivor a message very similar to yours and ended up being an active #Stop5G campaigner within a period of just a few days.

No one will save us but ourselves, through our own actions. Finding others living locally with similar concerns is a start.

That all sounds pessimistic and in many ways it is.

However, I think consumer power may ultimately defeat the problems we’re facing. For just as people still irradiate themselves mindlessly with their wi-fi and smart devices, others are starting to question, for example, the EU’s latest directive on fitting cars with radar and see that as an unacceptable imposition on their civil liberties (and, IMO, human rights).

  • I’ve attached a PDF containing advice on what you can do at home to make your own technology safer to use and to have around your home. offers advice on how to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation. They also have a UK branch. However, none of what they offer is, IMO, cheap – you could end up paying thousands – and although they seem to have a good online reputation, I don’t know first-hand how good their products are or whether or not thy can make sufficient difference. I just don’t know and can therefore neither knock them nor recommend them.

The InPower Movement has claimed several remarkable successes in fighting against smart meters and other wireless tech using liability notices as a legal way of stopping wireless harm. Although based in the US and Canada, they are now active in the UK and Europe. I interviewed their founder recently – audio and text versions available here on this link – and this does certainly seem to be one way forward for us.

But it’s up to us, albeit with their help and useful document templates, to do the work – as I say, no one will save us but ourselves.

The reason all of this seems such a problem is that no one has any quick and easy answers. We are at war and under direct attack – and unfortunately the majority of the population are asleep to the fact (for now!).

I hope that you get some useful practical ideas and help from my suggestions.

Thanks for subscribing to the site.

Digital Survivor aims to give advice suggestions where possible, to illustrate to anyone currently afraid that they are not alone in facing this, and that victories are possible.

Do an online search and you will find others trying to do similar.

No other way to put it, these really are evil times.

Best …