Birth of a Stop-5G Group?

A visitor to Digital Survivor got in touch asking how she might get involved with active campaigning against 5G in Glasgow:

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Hi there I am from Glasgow and would like to meet up with like-minded people to spread awareness of 5G and other issues surrounding us that people are not aware of.

I have currently been sharing information with regards to 5G and handing out leaflets I received online, which I copied and have put one in local shop window.

However I feel the need for further action to spread awareness were I live and surrounding areas with regards to many issues we all face!

Please let me know how I can get involved.

XXXXX [anonymised for this blog post]

The best tech writing at DIGITAL SURVIVOR!


I’ve been out leafleting with another person living in Glasgow a couple of times now and the response from the public has been generally encouraging.

We’re also trying to get the attention of Ian R Crane with a view to putting on a public event about 5G. However, he’s clearly a busy man and hasn’t got back to us yet.

It’s great that you got in touch, and thank you for that, as getting a group together clearly makes sense. The more of us there are, the more opportunity there is to come up with activities to raise 5G in the public’s minds.

From watching the visitor stats on Digital Survivor, I’ve noticed that the general population is taking an interest in the disappearance of trees due to 5G.

I also have good reason to believe that folks are a tad upset at the imposition of smart technology controlling their cars (using 5G) – and even a gadget-head mate of mine is now starting to “get it”.

Otherwise, I believe targeting mums & dads with young children makes sense – and some of them may further spread the word through any “parent & toddler” groups they attend.

The Digital Survivor site itself started only in mid-December last year and stats have gone from the occasional dozen or so daily visitors well into the hundreds (and even multiple thousands on some days).

I think that those of us more awake to EMF and 5G stuff are ahead of the curve. It’s my belief that a substantial percentage of “consumers” will not want the impositions 5G is going to bring to our lives – as portrayed by Agenda 21 / 2030 – and that this will defeat or at least seriously dent the success of the looming smart-surveillance matrix / kill-grid.

What’s your availability like? It’d be good to arrange a meet-up and develop ideas.

Best …

Forming your own group

Obviously it was useful to have this blog, Digital Survivor, up and running as a focus point for people to get in touch and enquire about campaigning away from the laptop screen and out into Glasgow’s streets.

However, there are other ways of putting a group together for those not fortunate enough to have time to blog. Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • The lass who got in touch today made a good point when she said she put a Sop 5G leaflet up in a local shop window. Adding a contact email with a call-out to those who may be interested would make sense.
  • What about visiting or leafleting the likes of parent & toddler groups to measure interest from potential activists?
  • Are there any local Facebook groups who might be willing to meet in-person and spread #Stop5G into your neighbourhood?

Sharing information online is great but we really do need to get more creative and out of what can at times seem like echo chambers.

Get in touch if you have managed to start a local group and, if you want, tell your story so others may get inspiration and encouragement to do likewise.