Bristol’s Smart Future?

Andrew Adams in Bristol shares with Survivor his insights into 5G and other hazardous technology posing a threat to all of us right now.

Why on earth would you want to live in a Smart City? To those who are awake the roll-out of 5G, smart meters and the Internet of Things (IoT) poses a threat to our health, privacy and remaining freedom.

The research suggests that 5G is battle field technology that can be used to eliminate people, smart meters pulse dangerous radiation that disrupts our blood cells and DNA structures, and the IoT brings the nightmare of a micro-chip in everything firmly into the present.

Yet in Bristol an active group of players are welcoming everything “smart” – they include city officials, ‘civic leaders’, corporate partners, academia and other stakeholders.

The local-level operation is working in tandem with the UK Government to drive a rapid 5G network roll-out in order to keep Britain at the forefront of connectivity. (Autonomous vehicles, advanced manufacturing and robotics, augmented reality, smart agriculture and smart homes are all in the plan.)

Money flows from government and corporations to speed the delivery.

Bristol is also a major participant in The Rockefeller Foundation’s “100 Resilient Cities” which has provided additional funding and global profiling.

Yet interestingly, The Rockefeller Foundation is pulling the plug on the project: Whether the zombie continues to walk unaided remains to be seen.

The bottom line is that Bristol is a test bed for 5G and any concerns from the public are countered by the mantra of “climate change” and the one vision of a Smart Future.

With Public Health England seeing no threat posed to health and Smart Energy GB – the voice of the smart meter roll-out – debunking all concerns about the meters, we stand tall in very strange times.

Andrew Adams