Verizon Targets Smartphones at Kids

Despite telecom giant Verizon being fully aware of severe health problems associated with its wireless products, the company now markets smartphones to children.

There can be nothing more vile than corporations cynically targeting kids with their product marketing.

There can be nothing more evil than when these products deliver ill-health, behavioural concerns, fertility problems and ultimately death.

Children’s growing bodies are particularly vulnerable.

B. N. Frank
03 April 2019

Verizon Releases “Just Kids” Smartphone Plan While Silicon Valley Parents Still Desperately Keep Their Kids Away From Screens

Activist Post and many others have reported recently about Silicon Valley (aka tech inventors) taking even more extreme measures to prevent their kids from using as well as being exposed to screens.  This includes making their nannies sign “no screens” contracts and spying on them.

Regardless, non-Silicon Valley parents are still buying smartphones for their kids.  In fact, according to some research, “high tech” parents provide their kids with phones at 7 1/2 years of age (on average).  This being the case, it only seems appropriate that Verizon has designed and is now marketing a “Just Kids” smartphone plan.  It’s also worth noting that in 2014, Verizon also announced the likelihood that they would eventually be sued and have to pay settlements for harm caused by their products and infrastructure.