Back to the Future

Digital Survivor is soon to escape the 5G testbed city of Glasgow and live in a seaside town. It’s my attempt to re-establish myself back into a simpler way of being.

I grew up in a small place on Scotland’s east coast during the ’60s and ’70s. It was pretty rough, with most men working in nearby coal mines and factories, and is perhaps best described as being E. Annie Proulx’s Shipping News novel meets Irving Welsh’s Trainspotting.

Most of us, back then, could only communicate with each other face-to-face, from a public phone box or by letter. There was no Facebook, Twitter, email or even texting.

From a rock to a … rock pool

It seemed like a genetic leap out of the primordial soup once I became an adult. I’ve lived and worked in five major cities in Scotland, England and Central Europe across the forty years since.

City life was good to me, though with all the usual ups and downs too, and I enjoyed great personal relationships and interesting professional careers.

In a “it’s not just where you are but also who you are” twist of fate, this is a time in my life to remember who I once was. I want to reclaim the experience of being a living man, not just a professional label or a fictitious “legal person”.

So I’m off to live next to the sea again – but this time round in a slightly more affluent community that’s not quite so brutally Darwinian in nature as my childhood was.

New challenges, fresh opportunities.

Why do I tell you this on the Digital Survivor blog?

Although I know it may follow me, I want to escape the 5G smart-surveillance matrix kill-grid currently sold to us as “the Internet of Things”.

Indeed, I think it will likely be easier organising against the coming Beast Grid outside and away from large cities.

My new abode is a small town-flat built some time in the mid-20th century. There’s no room for a washing machine and I’ll have to get a fridge small enough to sit at one end of the kitchen bunker.

Life will be pretty basic, as I wish it to be. Thankfully there are quite a few local charity shops where I can find items of simple furniture at reasonable cost.

I’ve even sourced incandescent lighting and just took delivery of 10x 100 watt and 10x 60 watt bulbs. No toxic LED glow for me! Ah, memories!

The only tech in the place will be a laptop connected by ethernet to a modem with all wi-fi turned off. (I mentioned this in a previous post titled “Reassessing My Electromagnetic Life“.)

I’ll still be campaigning against 5G out in the streets and here on Digital Survivor. But I’m also heartened and hopeful to see that cities across the world are now starting to object.

Unfortunately, the long hair won’t ever come back, certainly not on the top of my head. But at least I can afford shirts these days that fit me better.

We lose ourselves as our souls become stained and worn by time. I’m about to give mine a hand-wash.