NWO: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know!

Digital Survivor reader Andrew Adams kindly contributed his thoughtful take on 5G, New World Order entities behind the tech and a need for humanity to deal with their intended smart-prison.

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The New World Order is installing a Smart Control Grid that comprehensively covers Planet Earth. They plan a rapidly approaching ‘Smart Future’ where everything is micro-chipped, micro-managed and data-mined.

5G frequencies will have total global coverage. Artificial Intelligence will be merged with humanity. The Smart Colony will be built in major cities. The population reduced.

The players involved in implementation share the madness: a unified vision of The Smart Utopia, a similar language (Newspeak), a hive mindedness, and a cult-like zeal in delivering the programme.


The NWO package Smart as beneficial – an essential technocracy that we all require to progress and reach our true potential. A cure-all for protecting the planet, saving resources, preventing poverty, stopping climate change and reducing CO2.

The deception is placing a weapons grade system (5G) in the domestic realm – disguised as telecommunication, traffic management and weather monitoring facilities. Dangerous tech in plain sight – without the full awareness or consent of the public.

They collectively ignore independent, scientific research that warns about the adverse effects on health from Smart Meters and Wi-Fi radiation.

Privacy at home will be totally compromised by ‘full spectrum surveillance’. The Smart Grid will be a cashless money making machine that will track every move within it.

Beyond humanity – the natural world is facing a similar threat to its harmony and life force.

Dangerous to know

The wake up call is happening. The truth has been running wild in recent times and many have connected with it.

The people are exposing the dark web of deception and where it could take us – deciphering the legal system and holding individuals accountable, revealing false narratives used to promote war and regime change, uncovering corruption in high office, finding alternatives to Big Pharma, and embracing different perceptions.

Alternative media are providing a credible, energised source of information that is reaching a growing audience.

This will – in good time – bring about a fairer World to live on.

The NWO is establishing its structure through technology and attempting to lock us down in a Smart prison. It is our responsibility to define our freedom and make other plans.

Andrew Adams