Living Beings, Consumers or Livestock?

What does the word “consumer” conjure up in your mind? Chances are it no longer means what you think it does.

Our lexicon changed in Britain through the 1980s and ’90s when rail passengers, even welfare claimants, started being referred to as “customers” rather than passengers or claimants.

Those are just two examples of a wider language modification that started to take us from being treated as groups of living beings with particular needs (seeking to purchase a train ticket or to claim dole) into our becoming commercialised commodities.

With 5G’s electromagnetic fields threatening to roll out right across the world we are correspondingly reduced in status down to “consumers” and, given we are to have no say in the matter, perhaps even lowly livestock.

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This demotion of living beings to “consumer” status or worse has become apparent through the emergence of 5G; though in truth, bombarding our Earth with man-made electromagnetic radiation has gone on since long before 1G appeared in the 1980s.

That we had no individual choice over being irradiated en masse defines the current situation where we are in fact considered and treated little better than expendable livestock.

Just look at any world map and realise how national borders constitute fences separating fields on one huge tax farm.

No say

Despite serious concerns about wireless technology being documented for many years, no one in power will acknowledge its negative health effects or its mass surveillance capabilities. All that seems to matter is the so-called Internet of Things and getting us to buy into it.

The wider reality is that our would-be rulers are resolutely determined to expose us to their demeaning, dehumanising technology as if waging war on us.

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Fighting back

While all of the above implies doom and gloom, it’s also true that basic common sense is finally being heard as humanity fights back.

Whether in the US, across several European countries, or even just on Twitter, opposition grows daily to 5G. At least some people are awake enough to know right from wrong.


Now realising we’ve been playing checkers while they play chess, we’re beginning to see exactly who would control and perhaps even cull humanity.  This is because the 5G being sold to us as a way to improve communications is so blatantly weaponised technology.

Yet all that’s needed is for us to say “no”, to accept that we are at war and to get up onto our hind legs and resist.

Don’t buy into the tech.  Do use cash instead of plastic (or, God forbid, RFID chips!) when buying stuff. Refuse smart meters, Ditch your cell phones. Don’t invite 5G into your home in any shape or form.

Also be prepared to deal with cell towers, street furniture emitting electromagnetic fields and other wireless apparatus springing up overnight that make our communities resemble electronic prison camps.

Reclaim your right to exist as a living being – not just as a customer or consumer, and certainly not as a disposable farmyard animal.

Find out more about practical ways to fight back and how hidden laws control humanity in my interview last month with Cal Washington of the InPower Movement. (Free PDF e-book and mp3 audio podcast.)

“What did you do during the 5G war of the early 21st century?”