Scots to Lose Rights Against 5G Infrastructure

Rights to object to 5G in Scotland are being curbed.

Digital Survivor contributor NO5GNI alerted me to dismal news that UK telecom regulator OFCOM is to override the Scottish people’s rights to object to 5G infrastructure being placed in our streets and on our properties.

News of this development was posted n the Facebook page of activist “Electra Ruby” on her Facebook page where she wrote:

OFCOM is about to grant Lothian Broadband LTD the powers to construct their 5G infrastructure in our streets without planning permission or licence. And to override objections of house owners who object to having transmitters, antennae or other equipment erected on their property.This applies throughout Scotland. Representation and objections can be lodged no later than 13th May 2019.

Digital Survivor reporting on abominable 5G and wireless technology.

What makes all of this worse is that more and more European cities and regions are currently putting moratoriums on 5G rolling out due to an increasingly recognised need that independent research must be done regarding the wireless technology’s negative health effects.

However, none of this will come as a surprise to Digital Survivor readers who know that both the Scottish Government and the UK Government have abdicated absolutely all responsibility for public health matters when it comes to 5G and radiation-emitting technology.

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