Earth Day Stop 5G Action Poster

Earth Day offers a trite opportunity for soy based libtards, our social engineering establishment and their “useful idiots” to virtue-signal about how much they care about non-existent climate change – ultimately to promote the despicable Agenda 2030 and an energy guzzling Internet of Things.

However! Those of us with an idea what’s really going on in this world can surely use the event to promote our Stop-5G activities!

And with this in mind, someone a friend knows has designed the poster below to use for Monday, 22 April 2019 – the next Earth Day – and you are invited to download and re-use at will.

As well as sporting a cunning CGI globe, there are also useful hashtag suggestions for posting on social media. Ingenious on every level!

Let’s use Earth Day 2019 to get the #Stop5G message out there even further!

(Click on the image below then hit save to download your very own printable PDF copy!)