Stop 5G Meeting in Glasgow on Wednesday

There’s a meeting in Glasgow town centre this Wednesday 17 April 2019 for those wishing to get together and discuss how to stop 5G in the city.

After Digital Survivor filed a report yesterday titled Scots to Lose Rights Against 5G Infrastructure, this was posted on the STOP 5G UK Facebook page:

By Laura Gilmartin 📵CALLING OUT TO ALL SCOTTISH MEMBERS📵 ‼️It was declared on Friday that OFCOM is about to grant Lothian Broadband LTD the powers to construct their 5G infrastructure in our streets without planning permission or licence. And to override objections of all Scottish house owners who object to having transmitters, antennae or other equipment erected on their property.This applies throughout Scotland. Representation and objections can be lodged no later than 13th May 2019. For this reason a group of us are meeting on Wednesday in Glasgow town centre to discuss a plan/plans of action. Please come along and join us if you can this will effect you and your family. Pm Laura Gilmartin for details if you wish to come along.