5G’s Falling Dominoes!

Claire Edwards wrote a very positive article for Take Back Your Power that will encourage Stop 5G activists everywhere.

Claire, an ex-United Nations employee and occasional contributor to Digital Survivor, details 10 recent victories across Europe, the US and Russia in the war against 5G. She also provides a fantastic list of references and resources.

Below is an excerpt from her article for Digital Survivor readers and you can hit the links to see the full post at Take Back Your Power.

Claire Edwards
15 April 2019

The Dominoes are Starting to Fall [EXCERPT]

For me, it has always seemed an information problem. If the public simply understood the existential threat posed by adopting a military weapon as a communications technology, they would not accept it.

The challenge of informing people is twofold. The name “5G” is deceptive, implying a simple upgrade from the current 4G or fourth generation wireless. [And many WiFi routers now display “5G” as a mode option, but it means “5GHz” in that context, not actual “5G” — an industry ploy to normalize the term’s acceptance through intentional obfuscation. -Ed.]

This ruse cleverly disguises the reality that 5G means densification, with each individual, visible antenna being replaced by thousands of tiny antennas menacing people, animals and nature from every nook and cranny on Earth and from 20,000 or more satellites with lethal, laser-like beams hitting their unwitting targets millions of times a day like silent bullets.

The second difficulty is the tight control of the media. Hardly a whisper of negativity about 5G penetrates the public sphere, while its claimed benefits are constantly touted in puff pieces in newspapers and in numerous promotional videos.

Yet in the space of only a year since we first heard about the impending catastrophe that is 5G, the message has spread virally through the alternative and social media.


Nice work, Claire! And what a great title!